1. We do not have a liquor license, so all alcohol is BYO.

  2. Our Caravan Bar requires a flat and level surface to be parked on. Failure to provide this will forfeit your booking.

  3. We require access to the venue for set-up at least 2 hours before we are required to serve drinks.

  4. Set up time is for the caravan bar only. If you require us to do something else, please advise us 7 days before your event.

  5. Access to power must be provided for refrigeration and lighting purposes.

  6. If your event is at a venue that is not a private property, it is the customer’s responsibility to book the venue. Confirmation of payment and approval from the council must be provided before the Caravan Bar booking is secured.

  7. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

  8. The deposit must be paid within 14 days of receiving your invoice to secure your booking.

  9. Final numbers and payment are due 7 days prior to the event. If the balance owing is not received, then the booking will be cancelled.

  10. Any cancellations within 30 days of the booked event will mean that the customer is liable to pay a further 25% of the total booking fee as compensation. If the cancellation takes place within 7 days of the booked event, full payment will be required.

  11. Damages to property

  12. We do not provide refunds in the event of bad weather. In the event of rain, it is the event host’s responsibility to contact Horizon Bar with a wet weather plan. Please ensure that you advise us of the wet weather arrangements 3 hours prior to the event.

  13. The breakage fee for any glassware broken at your event is $1.50 per glass.

  14. If a guest purposefully or negligently damages the vintage caravan bar, the customer is liable for these damages.

  15. If a situation arises where a guest becomes unruly or violent towards bar staff and/or other guests, we reserve the right to pack up and leave the venue without providing a refund.

  16. Our RSA trained bar staff reserve the right to refuse service to guests who are unduly intoxicated.


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- Offline Payments