What we offer

Horizon bar offers a completely unique and fun experience to whatever type of event you are having, whether it be a wedding, private party or corporate gig. We'll be sure to put a smile on your face and leave your guests talking for years to come! You provide your favourite drinks and we'll take care of the rest!


All of our packages include the following (but are not limited to)

  • 1-2 x RSA certified bar staff (more staff may be required if cocktails are included or the number of guests exceeds 100)

  • Glassware for 100 guests

  • Horizon bar and all related bar equipment including eskies and ice.

  • 2 x bar fridges in vintage caravan bar to keep your drinks cold

  • Complimentary infused water station (2 x 10L self-serve drink dispensers)

  • Complimentary tea (T2) and coffee served in disposable coffee cups

  • Loading and labour pre and post event

  • Set up and pack down

  • Free travel within 50km of North Lakes




Wanting to use our vintage caravan for your own purposes? Maybe you're in need of an eye catcher to help promote a product or service, launch a new business, use as a ticket booth. Heck, maybe you just want to park it up, pull out your camp chair and admire it in all of its beauty for a day. We get it! 

It doesn't matter what you want to use it for, that's what our dry hire service is all about. It gives you the freedom to choose!

You can hire it for as many days as you like (depending on availability). We simply drop it off and pick it up when you're finished!



What's a party without some healthy competition right?!


We know that you want all your guests to be having as much fun as you are on your special day or event, but what about when they're not?

We all know that one guy that likes to stand off to the side, pretending to check something "important" on his phone to avoid social interaction (we see you, Bob). 

Or maybe your friend is stuck in a conversation with a girl they just met, who's been talking their ear off for the past half an hour about her unhealthy obsession for cats, and they need an escape plan, fast!

This is where our lawn games package comes in to save the day! It's a sure fire way to bring all of your guests together to relax a little, or give them the time out they've been looking for!

Bar Van-28.jpg



What better way to declare your love for each other and remind your guests what your day is all about than with our giant, light up, love sign!

Not only does this sign make an excellent prop for photos but it helps set the perfect mood as day transitions to night, with the ambient glow that it provides.